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Monday, 20 February 2012

✿ Stranger Anxiety ✿

Began d age of 4 months, I notice baby Auni start 2 recognize a familiar person. She will smile when i babbling her, but not 2 some1 she didn't recognize. She will show her fear of stranger and turns into full-blown sobs. 

As her parent i alwaz hope she will be an easygoing infant but then i realise that her fear is just a normal reactions and a part of her growing. What a lucky parents having a brilliant baby who can remember d person their know.

Honestly, having a bby like this make me learn how 2 persuade her everytime she crying in fear.  Take a moment 2 hug her gently and let her know that her's safe with me. Ofkos, other person afraid to touch, hold or pick up her when know of her stranger anxiety. 

A way to overcome her fear, i alwaz exposing baby Auni by bring her 2 crowd and a lot of noise place like a mall and hope it can triggle her fear by the sight and i know d fear will fade away as she will get older.

>>>>sori my english suck<<<<

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